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Who is eligible for hospice care?

Any person who has a life-limiting condition with a life expectancy of six months or less should the disease continue its natural course.

How long will the patient receive care?

A hospice patient will remain eligible for the benefit as long as the patient remains terminally ill with a documented decline. The hospice benefit is two 90-day benefit periods with unlimited 60-day benefit periods.

Can I refer someone to hospice care?

Yes, anyone can make a referral by calling Willowbrook at (470) 315-4728. We need only the name and phone number of the patient.

What if the patient or their family don’t want to start hospice care?

Sometimes the patient or their family wants more time or a chance for another test or more treatment. That is, of course, entirely up to the patient and their physician. The most important consideration for starting hospice care is quality of life for the person whose life expectancy is six months or less.

What if the patient changes their mind about receiving hospice care?

Sometimes the patient changes their mind and decides to seek curative treatments. There are no penalties to revoking your hospice election.

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